calming sentence prompts

"Its okay, I'm here."

"I'm not going to leave you."

"Everything is okay."

"I'm going to protect you."

"I believe in you."

"Hear my heartbeat? Just focus on that."

"You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now."

"You're not going to lose me."

"I love you."

"I'll stay right here, okay?"

"Just breathe."

"I'm okay, you're okay, we're okay."

"You're everything to me."

"I don't care what they think, to me, you are perfect."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"You don't have to be alone."

"Because lying to your kids about sex helps nobody. Telling them that sex is “only between mommies and daddies” is a lie that leads to confused, hormone charged teenagers. Telling them that sex is “only something that happens when two people love each other very much” is a lie that causes hormone charged teenagers to confuse “love” with “lust,” or “obsession.” It leads to leaps of logic like, “If I have sex with them, we must be in love.” Or worse- “If I love them, I have to have sex with them.” And how many teenage tragedies are based on that misconception?"
- Lea Grover, "We Don’t Play With Our Vulvas At The Table" (via karma-willow)

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